Combined Service Charity Shield Association Gaming Tournament

The Combined-service-charity-shield annual fundraising event

With so many veterans and still serving personnel using Modelmaking and table top wargaming to help with their mental health these days but not always knowing where to find like minded clubs and members, I am now in the process of creating a league for Table top gamers to be added to the VETNET.

Once there is enough interest and teams to start a fundraising tournament this will be launched.

The tournament will be based on a series of Knockout rounds or death matches, points will be awarded for a win and a loss and bonus points awarded for funds raised, so even if you lose the match there is still a chance you could go forward to the next round.

The games that have been suggested as Favourites would be Bolt Action, Warhammer 40K and one more TBC.

As the UK’s chosen project, I want to help raise enough to finish off Forces Manor, an ex RCT Veteran who is building a Veterans retreat. For the USA I was thinking of Project Die Hard TBC. For Canada and Australia this is still to be confirmed.

Each team/Club that takes part in the tournament must represent either A Registered Charity or a CIC that is part of the CSCSA, they can either keep their own team’s name or the charity/CIC can create one themselves e.g., Team F4V Warriors.

The players need to have some sort of connection to the military community e.g. Still serving, Veterans or members of their Family or represent their own club.

To take part in the tournament the sum of £100 or equivalent needs to be raised, £50 of this will go to the National project and the other £50 will go towards that organisations own project. The Winner of the knockout round would get to keep 50% of its winnings and the other 50% would go to the joint project as explained above. The losing team would donate 75% of the funds raised while only keeping 25% for their own chosen project. Each match will be shown as a live event and full accounts of funds raised will need to be accounted for and shown for this to be a legal win.

Only the top team from each Country will go forward to the final Battle and be crowned the winner for that year.

Rukes and Regulations