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Bereaved military family tell of there exprencce

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It’s in this page I will try my best to describe our journey on the call of our only sons death in Afghanistan

he was in the black watch 3 Scots joined as a black watch soldier before amalgamation Sean my late son was cpl but just before departure to afghan he was asked to take on acting sgt of a trading and mentoring group of afghan army to train them and help them become better soldiers

he left us in March for the sandy shores of afghan

when Sean went falklands Belfast and England I never felt I needed to worry he even joined his men in Iraqi as that was coming to a end

a black watch soldier had been killed and Sean was rear party at time and w as part of his brothers last trip ever the pride he felt doing so the tears he shed over this brother he hardly knew at all

then he cane home. I remember him jumping from that car he had went away my little boy and had came home a man a man trained to kill to keep us safe

then the unit was sent to Northern Ireland to hlywood army barracks belfast

he thrived there partied away and met his soon to become bride

Sean had fell over heals with his wife Amanda they got engaged

I suffered a bad untreatable illness and my son always kept pushing n willing for me to get begtterabd being a pti class two he wS offered do class one but that would keep him from front line duty and that was not for my son



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