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Bereaved military family tell of there exprencce

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From then on my dreams were so vivid and so real

I know people don’t believe in life after death don’t believe a sport can communicate from the other side maybe it’s my dreams maybe it’s real but in my dreams he showed me everything that happened like I said felt like I was there with him I could hear the guns feel the terror I would wake screaming and shaking sweat running down me

he just kept saying mum it was the army’s fault I shouldn’t have been there

I started to feee there was some kind of a cover up my head was swimming

even the one person who was right with him his point of cover he took with him to cover his approach to the entrance he said to me if only I had had my pistol if only that shook me to the core and made my mind work overtime

then came the details of this whole ordeal I had demanded all paperwork alotjough for security reasons a lot had been blacked out the whole events were now in black and white for me to read

was only when I read it all I realised it was the army’s fault he was in there but not our British army it was the afghan national army the troops he was training the troops who should have listened to them

they were told to stay with the ladino team which was the omlet team however they decided to chase insurgents into this compound followed by the afghan police by time sean and his men arrived they were pinned down under fire

the only way was to use Grenades the afghan army ran out and asked our troops for some they were not allowed to give without permission which Sean’s captain was trying in vain to get via satellite phone which wouldn’t work

so his captain was going to go in with grenades however sean told him no way boss that’s not ur job it’s mine he took grenades and tasked one of his men to go with him as his cover

as sean came to the entrance of the door he pulled on the grenade ring and deployed the grenade as he did so a gun barrel came out the corner and shot him

it only missed his boast armour by inches he managed to run back to the point he started from his fellow brother said all he heard was sean shouting shit am shot

they were the last words my darling child would take

his men screaming for help and medics were distraught the poor medic tried everything but sean was gone one of his best friends there held him begging him to hold on and Sean looked at him his eyes rolled and he was gone

I find peace that he was with his men his brothers who he lived with who he shared a bond no one but troops could ever understand

it was about this time I realised how much his friends and brothers were suffering along with us it’s not something anyone can just forget ever and I know they don’t I know for one it has been worst ever he has never been same since Sean’s death

losing a child this way is not a normal death it’s so sudden and weeks of waiting for full explanations of what really happened all while your mind works over time

I think the fact we all have different experiences makes us all unique but our grief is the same We have lost a child


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