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Bereaved military family tell of there exprencce

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Some people forget that behind any soldier is a whole family a mother a father. Siblings ect

Sean’s life when he was killed was all wrapped around his whirlwind romance and wedding

it seemed it was all about his new bride yes his wife was crushed but it was about her her family not about our son the hero I know what people think a mother over reacting but am sorry it wasn’t I felt like his whole life was being wiped aside

I tried my best I fought for his entitlement to sgt entitlement I fought the MOD for seven years before they finally gave me it in writing

I want my son a memory to be of what he achieved in his life his bravery his gallantry on that day not about some love story

yes he was in love with his wife yes they got married before he left I don’t for one min diminish what they shared

but wife’s move on have a life kids ect

a mother never moves on never forgets a part of a mother dies with there child forever

I was at points left feeling like I was not a mother his wife was invited by royal British legion to attend the Albert hall tell her love story her parents and her sister were there we have to this day never been contacted by the legion no one cared about his parents apart from his regiment

I will never fault the regiment ever or his company delta coy we have always been treated with the upmost respect by each and everyone of them

even a soldier who didn’t always agree with our son told me straight we didn’t always say aye to aye in work jan but he was a good lad and I respect him

I loved that the lads spoke about him as he was sean was a jack the lad a ladies man a drinker loved a party apparently he was well known for his party life style lol typical jock

but at same time like all kids a pain in the ass sean had a strong attitude and would clash with people at times he was not perfect no one was

but to actually hear about sean the real sean my son not just the soldier ment a great deal to me I met plenty of the lads who I had spoken to during wild nights out when drunk ect lol I never intruded in his army life he took a few his mates home now and then but to have his friends around us helped us cope

so well there was so many things to attend during and after it all it seemed go on forever papers wanting stories left right and centre and we did our best we wanted his name go on and on

I wanted to make a difference I was then approached by afghan heroes to come on board and help them help troops injured and maimed by the wats in afghan everything as far as I knew was all upfront building a home to help troops ect I was alive I had a meaning in life again I did many things to raise funds

then shock it was closed down by the charity commission I have never found out what really happened I just felt deflated by it all I stopped raising funds for anyone at that point

I decided I had a right as a mother and I started at the legion about the Albert hall and why we had never been officially invited down why was it his wife and her family

eventually we were told we could go it was a dream come true to be able to do this in honour of our hero

however when we met the president he said aw yes we met in 2009 em no we didn’t I have never been here before yes I met you with Amanda

em no you met her mother not Sean’s it disgusted and hurt me deeply he shruged his shoulders like it was nothing well not for me it was just disgusting to me I was nothing to him nor was my child’s memory it killed me inside even though we walked that walk everyone was mentioned that night but not us nor our late son so it made me feel what was the point in doing it at all

unless u raise money for them you are nothing that’s how it seems to me anyway and trust me they raised some amount money from my child a name and still do same with the opening of the poppy memorial in Staffordshire thought they could hide that from us and families but we soon stopped that we had more right than others to be there eoshally when being opened in Sean’s name so yes we weee there I wouldn’t allow them to put me off being my sons mother me am Sean’s mother no one ealse I brought my child up I showed him right from wrong his daddy ex Gordon’s was one who shaped him as a man helped him when he needed it told hm stories etc and helped our son with his love to became a soldier no one had a right to take that from us

my husband was treated with contempt during whole process Sean’s biological father never bothers about him after he moved to America with the woman he cheated with during our marriage sean was brought up from five yrs old by my second husband Allan and when Sean went join army he was told due to the fact Allan had never adopted him he needed to sign up with his birth name sean went mad he came home ranting at Allan for pulling out of the adoption which Allan felt he had no right to take away Sean’s birth name he didn’t feel he was old enoph to understand however our lawyers sorted it within 24 hours his name changed from Yule to binnie

Sean never wanted Allan to be addressed as a step father only his dad they had the most amazing relationship they did everything together sean idolised his dad they were so competitive loved golf they did everything together as a only child his dad was a his beat mate

when Sean was killed it ripped allans heart apart but he stood tall with pride of what his son had done

then came the problems our support captain came to visit us about his birth cert ect it totally ripped allans heart in two none of us even have that a thought but the army had to as his biological father had be told

I stepped in then well I called him and his words were he I sent mines I didn’t bring him up and put phone down I was shaken by it all but again what did I exapect from a man who could run away with another woman and ignor his first born son

he dose t deserve anything Allan is his father end of

ok he said but we did need ask well it’s all exapalned now but I watched my husbands soul be destroyed that day it took five years before he could even talk about that

he said all I waited for was his biological to appear and take over he said he was left feeling like he was a outsider and no wonder I was always introduced as Sean’s mother and Allan my partner till one day in front of royal family I put a stop to this this is mrs binnie air and her partner

hello rice Charles I am sgt bunnies mother and my husband his father Allan I was fuming I know the regiment have to stay behind certain lines but no where on my child’s papers did it say step father it was father dad that’s all

biology don’t make a Father Time encouragement growth support and most of all love is a father I father will wipe away the cradled knee s read bed time story’s support there child in all we do as growing up help with development etc

feed and keep them safe and that’s what Allan did each and every day since we met


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