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Bereaved military family tell of there exprencce

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The day arrived that we went through within royal wootton baessett down time lynum air base to great our sons body back home along with three other families as we drive through the amount of people gathering was overwhelming and heart wrenching at the same time to see how many people would lone the road to honour our hero’s home

we arrived at the air base and were taken inside to a room set with tea and food along with brandy

not that anyone of us could eat we sat and waited as army officials came and spoke with us it was lovely to hear all they said about our darling child

however I knew they did not know him personally and longed to talk to some of his men his brothers who he lived with and fought along side for over five year of his young life

sean was 22 when he was killed he turned 21 on the nov 11 th 2008 and within five months was gone

it seemed like a life time waiting for the flight to come I longed to watch it land however weather conditions were bad so we were kept inside while they landed we heard that roar of the plane to me was like a lion roaring all I wanted was to see my child

I knew from talking to other parents I was lucky and yes I hear you say what??? I was lucky I would have a chance to see my child again even tho his heart has stopped I would see my baby one last time more than some families who unfortunately are unable due to ied explosions would never be able see there child’s face again I know you may think it was a unreal thing to think about at a time like this but as I looked on to other families it broke my heart in two knowing this

as time passed they came and walked us out to a covered area in front of the plane and as I watched on I saw Sean’s men march on and as he came down that ramp I felt my legs go from me and as his men turned to walk towards me I dropped his daddy caught me and held me as I broke in two all I wanted to do was run out to him but I couldn’t do that I think the hardest thing after that is watching the other families go through the same the amount of pain screams and tears in this small part of the tarmac was overwhelming to say the least we were all trembling as each hearse drove away with our children

after the last hero was taken away and out of sight we wee ushered back inside to awaiting brandy tea coffee and food as I said not able to eat is a huge part of the greif all I wanted and longed for was to talk to my sons men


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