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Bereaved military family tell of there exprencce

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About a hour after the arrival

of our hero’s we were able to talk

to the men of his regiment who were to be Sean’s men doing his final walk to his grave

they came in and I remember one walked past me as he did so my heart skipped a beat it was like my son had walked past me the uniform the hair cut it was unreal

we spent our time with the lads listening to stories of our son which brought much happiness to my heart these were the men who knew him for who he was as a soldier and as mate

one of them told me how much our son helped him when he came to the regiment

Sean was a PTI as well and they told me he was a machine of a man and that he beasted them hard in and out of the gym I had a laugh at that our son was so passionate regarding his fitness

after about 40 mins we were then ushered to a mini bus and drove to the chapel of rest at the air base

when we entered each room had there names on the doors

his wife turned and said you and Allan can go in first I was grateful for that I honestly thought I would see my child but no he was laid out with the flag draped across his coffin I fell to my knees and sobbed my heart out

we wanted to go

to wootton Bassett to watch our son pass there however for some reason we werent allowed to do that which was a huge relief in some ways I don’t think I could have coped with so many people around us at that time all I wanted was to get home

we left went to

our hotel collected our bags and headed back to the airport with our captain who was our care officer they again put us into the BA lounge

I rewe finding a quiet area where I curled into a ball and sobbed the flight back to Aberdeen was only a hour and a half but felt like ten hours

I felt empty and lost I had no idea when he would be allowed home again

his wife lived in Belfast so he would go there

that killed me. Have to admit he should have came home to his beloved Scotland

all arrangements were made by his wife and her family we had no idea what was happening nor did we have any input apart from family caring him to his grave side I revived a call ok I need to know what flowers you want and what colour I was stunned and in shock I couldn’t think straight even now I can’t recall what I said if am honest I think we did son

in his regimental colours I wanted thistles he was Scottish soldier even tho he was born in Dublin he grew up in Scotland from six weeks old he loved being Scottish and loved his beloved Scotland as well

it was so hard knowing she was laying him in the ground when she knew he wanted cremated and laid with his nana

i could do nothing at all no matter how angry I was no matter how I felt I had no say what so ever I’m anything to do with my own child it was like complete strangers took over my life they didn’t really know my son the real boy and man all they seen was the party man and relationship go so fast

yes he was in live with

his wife I know that but he never thought he would be killed he told us mum am

married now so she is next of kin but should anything happen she knows what to do and you will be looked after mum

the money was never my issue at all I never revived a penny or would I have accepted it anyway but I wanted to be involved in his last moments on our earth but even that was taken from me

even tho we have since made peace nothing can change all I went through the heartache unnecessary I hurt and pain Caused to me as a mother was bad enoph

at one point it was said where a will is that’s the family

I loved my son with all my

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