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Bereaved military family tell of there exprencce

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I am staring with the call I received on may 7 th 2009

my late son sgt binnie of 3 Scots black watch had been killed that morning in afghan

he had got married in the December and was killed in may

his wife called me to tell me my son was shot and killed that’s the call I never had anyone come to my door next of kin do his regiment I have to say we’re amazing to us and apologised that we learned of this tragic event through a phone call

the phone rang at tea time as I was making dinner for my husband it was normal for my daughter in law to call around that time I put the phone on loud speaker as my hands were wet and I was cutting veg , she said jan the army are here it’s sean my heart stopped beating in my chest I could feel my breath getting heavy he was shot this morning at 6 am he is dead

they were the exact words then nothing silence it felt like forever before some army official came on the phone to offer there condolences

I screamed my whole body fell to the ground I was on my own no one with me I had to call my husbands work I hardly recall that moment all I know is my husband said I called said Sean had been shot and after that he couldn’t make anything out I said he drove home thinking our son had been injured

he came in and I fell into his arms I have never in my life felt pain like I did that day next thing I recall was our home was filled with family I couldn’t breath I felt like someone was smothering me eventually my auntie asked everyone to leave as we needed some time alone

my husband ran me a bath I barley rem how I was then I know I had a bath and came out only thing I had was Sean’s dressing gown he left after spending his last weekend with us I put that on all I wanted was to smell him feel him around me

we didn’t sleep at all that night we lay and held each other and cried most of the night we were in a daze we knew nothing apart from our only child had been killed

we knew nothing more


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