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Bereaved military family tell of there exprencce

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Good evening everyone

well today I woke in a cold sweat screaming for my son trying to pull him away feom the compound

I could hear him screaming for me like a little boys again these dreams are so vivid and real I feel shattered todayI feel

Like I have been in a. Fight myself felling battered and bruised

it’s all mentally draining so today I lite all my candles put oils on lavender around the

hpuse it’ helps make things peaceful

then I set about cleaning my therapy is to keep busy if I keep busy I can help myself control the dire feelings of dread

I look myself in the mirror and remind myself who I am what I am am

no longer a mother but a mother of a hero and my hero would want me to

be hapoy would want me to live the best life I can

I look at his picture and remind myself what he gave to make sure we could live a good life I want his and all memories of our fallen to mean something not just a name on a memorial a memory of what happened but to keep there memory’s alive o. All we

do in the future

I try and attend his grave in Belfast as often as possible I also have a place at my mother grave for my son I try and make sure they are both lovely all the time but he is no longer there he never was he iwho need support for all the

ptsd s in my heart your heart he is in all we do now

trying to help vetrens destroyed by there s wars the fact our governments leave them

homless and destitute out there alone make me sick so as a mother I want to help these people I want to help families


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