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Bereaved military family tell of there exprencce

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This group has been set up to allow families and troops to share there loss of child comrades brother and sisters in arms

as a mother of a fallen I know the experiences all too well I may not have been on the ground fought in wars but what we go through the things we need to hear the nightmares of these days have brought it home what our troops go through

I myself was diagnosed with ptsd due to the things I herd

my nightmares were so real I would dream if the fire fight my child was in I would feel his pain

I also became close to troops who were with my child and herd first hand from them

I want anyone parents troops to be able to talk openly about what they endured I will be posting thought of what we went through the whole experiences from the day we had the call

I am a trained councillor and can help people with all the techniques we used to be able to cope daily with life after this loss and also our ptsd



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