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Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels Download 720p


In the 40s, Charlie Chaplin and the early Orson Welles were the king of comedy. Richard Curtis (writer of Notting Hill and About A Boy) has his sights firmly fixed on this territory with his latest comedy, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, which first hit the screens in UK cinemas a year ago today.The plot is suitably straightforward: four lads (Jason Statham, Dexter Fletcher, Nick Moran and Jayson Flemyng) who are going to get a little bit rich if they win a big card game. But the film is much more than that; as well as the laughs, the film has some good drama (in the first act, which is more effectively grounded), a nicely absurdist take on the underworld and a few extremely likeable characters.Arguably the best thing, though, is the film's cartoon-like choreography; it's a formula that has worked, time and time again, for British movies.

Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels is a 1998 crime comedy film directed and written by Guy Ritchie and starring an ensemble cast including a British-based gangster played by Jason Statham and a British streetwise card shark played by Vinnie Jones. The film centers on three friends, Eddie (Nick Moran), Soap (Dexter Fletcher), and Tom (Jayson Flemyng), who put up all of their money (25,000 pounds each) to play in a card game. Eddie is fairly confident the game will be in his favor, and before the game begins, he shows the group a fortune he has hidden in a vault. However, he is unaware a neighborhood hoodlum, named Harry Lonsdale (P.H. White) is going to take the money by cheating.

The movie takes its title from the era when two barrels were used to store confiscated illegal goods or weapons. What begins as a wager on a card game becomes Eddie's leverage to force his friends to rob a drug-dealing crew. But Eddie and his friends only have 24 hours to pull off their biggest heist of the year before the cops catch on. 3d9ccd7d82


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