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Mac OS X 10.6.7 Snow Leopard Single Layer (ISO DVD).11 [Extra Quality]

Mac OS X 10.6.7 Snow Leopard Single Layer (ISO DVD).11 ->>>

Once youve finished, either click the closed disc icon at the upper right of your desktop, or just eject the disc. (Important: If youre burning DVD files as a single layer DVD, you want to keep the file size down to make for a good low-power CD. But depending on what youre burning, you may need to lower the file size if youre compressing audio or video from some source in order to keep the file size down. You can also use something like Handbrake- which is now part of You can always go back to see if you need to adjust an audio track or subtitle file (in that case you want to reduce the size of the file).

All files on the DVD should be saved to the My Docs folder on your Mac. This is what the DVD player recognizes as a directory and it will play the files just fine even when its in single layer mode. However, the DVD player will not offer the ability to play the files from inside that directory. For example, if you inserted a DVD labeled My Docs into a DVD-R player, you would get a play option for that directory, but then you would be presented with the following screen:

You will be prompted for where to burn the DVD, as well as where to save the disc image to. Since youre burning a single layer DVD, you will be prompted for the DVD type, which is DVD-R. There is no need for a reason. Just click Burn. Once the DVD is finished, you can eject the disc. You can also stop right here, or you can copy the disc image to a portable USB flash drive (if the disc is not bootable, you will want to boot from it on a different Mac). Then simply remove the disc, insert it into your DVD player, and you have a bootable DVD. 3d9ccd7d82


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