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Amd Phenom Tm 8450 Triple Core Processor Drivers \/\/FREE\\\\

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Amd Phenom Tm 8450 Triple Core Processor Drivers \/\/FREE\\\\

the sample driver list for these chips isnt that extensive. we are working on that. in the meantime, we have listed the user-mode, kernel-mode, and the chipset-level driver for each system on our spreadsheet. we have these listed at the bottom of the page along with all of the other amd and intel chips tested. if you would like to help support the site and get better driver links, please donate via paypal. thanks!

i put this in an old desktop box with ddr2 and ssds in a raid array with 1gb of video ram, and ran it through the lightest loads with some cabinet slamming and loud tlcds. the game is enemy territory: quake wars.

cons:this is less a con and more a headscratcher. would have guessed that there would be some sort of performance impact from being overvolted and undercooled, but this example runs at nearly the same speed, but some benches are showing a fairly significant increase in performance. i don't know how to attribute those numbers unless they are of the same architecture as the phenom x3 but there's no doubt that the clockspeed on this chip is far superior than that of its kuma cousins or even the phenom x4 8750. this particular box will only support 1 core (ddr2) so i had to drop one of the two extra cores to get 1gb of ram. as a result, i wasn't able to play thief: deadly shadows the maxed-out game, but the stock game worked just fine. once i drop the memory timings from 133 to 80 and increase the timings on the cpu to roughly 8-11, this box should run the game with all 2 extra cores enabled. i could see some performance increase at top clocks but i'm not holding my breath. 3d9ccd7d82


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