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Via Vt1708b Ce Intel 82801gb Ich7 High Definition Audio Controller A 1 Pci Driver Rapidshare

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Via Vt1708b Ce Intel 82801gb Ich7 High Definition Audio Controller A 1 Pci Driver Rapidshare

The Realtek high definition audio controller is an ideal device for consumer sound cards, providing direct access to the sound cards PCIe bus for maximum performance and high quality. The ability to access the PCIe bus directly enables the high-performance techniques included in the latest audio and video standards, such as DTS Digital Surround Sound and Dolby Digital*. Sound cards produced by companies such as Creative, Wolfson, and VIA also support the high definition audio controllers ability to stream multiple channels at the same time. All of these devices use the high definition audio controller as their audio controller.

If your computer cannot display the Windows Device Manager, check to make sure that you have the latest driver for your audio and video card by selecting the Properties button, and then selecting Driver and Device Manager.

Intel High Definition Audio (Intel HD Audio) also introduces support for new usage models that we refer to as multi-protocol. Multi-protocol, which enables a more powerful array of digital services, will enable consumers to use their computers as the center of their entertainment and communication experience. By combining audio, video, gaming, and communication applications, a multi-protocol device can provide a seamless audio and video experience across media consumption devices such as TV, computers, or mobile devices.

The Intel ALC262 series also includes TMS320C64x specific software utilities such as: Guitar Jam, Chill, Surround Creator, and Karaoke. These utilities are designed to offer users a more enjoyable audio experience, and make it easier to record and playback perfect music. 3d9ccd7d82


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