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Formation Cdtraining Bureautique Word 2007 ##BEST##

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Delco Electronics Inc. Christine S. Ambree 3703439278 customerservice10(at)delcoselectronics(dot)com 707 West Washington Avenue, Reading, PA 19610-5612 07/01/2008 Delco Electronics, a leading provider of electronic products such as amateur radio and cell phones, provides excellent service to its customers. Delco Corporation provides innovative products and solutions for consumer electronics, information technology, and automation equipment and systems. The company has operations in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and China. Senior Technical Account Management supporting customer requirements. Delco Electronics Corp. 1726205 03/01/2013 1 Telephone calls, workflow updates to help along the sales cycle, and insure timely processing. Process support for ATM, ODBC, InterBase/Firebird database query, and DataDive data processing workloads. 3,000 calls handled per month, 60+ internal users, part of a global enterprise business process 0

The public corruption unit had formed a task force devoted to corruption cases in a process known as Operation Safe Streets. The task force investigates corruption cases ranging from impersonating police officers to accepting payments in exchange for favors. A rotating group of five prosecutors from the unit led the investigation, assisted by investigators from the San Bernardino and Orange County sheriff's departments, as well as criminal intelligence officers from the California Department of Justice. The Public Integrity Division had received specific complaints of wrongdoing involving employees of the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority. The investigators had gathered substantial evidence of wrongdoing but no arrests had been made when Trump took office in January. County employees knew they were under investigation by authorities and expected arrests to occur in the future, according to people familiar with the matter. During these final months, as part of the investigation, law enforcement officials obtained the login credentials to two county email accounts and started monitoring the accounts to see what information they could find related to the corruption probe. The investigators were looking for evidence of possible bribery and conflicts of interest related to a $6.4 million contract the transportation authority had to build a sewer line and sell naming rights to county-owned property, according to a source with knowledge of the operation. No new arrests were made prior to Trump taking office 0 3d9ccd7d82


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