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Mach3 Version 3.043.066 LINK

Mach3 Version 3.043.066 --->>>

selective click technology was designed to reduce buzz and irritation, as well as improve comfort and efficiency for those with sensitive skin, including those with rosacea. gillette says that the material is a single piece of the top cover of the razor, which makes the plastic feel smoother with a smoother feel.

the triple-blade cartridge includes a lubricating strip between the blades to reduce the razor sliding through hair and maintain a smooth, comfortable shave. when shaving, the blades flex backwards to draw more hair and keep the razor from sliding through the hair. the blades also rotate outwards to guide hair into the blade's gap when shaving.

cut-back technology lets you adjust the flex of the blades in the razor to match your own hair type. precision-engineered stainless steel blades lock in place, but if you go over your skin too much, the blades will slide out of their slots and lock back into place, providing precise, controlled shaves throughout your life. gillette says the new cutting-back technology will also help you get that close-quarter shave youve always wanted.

an update to the mach3 proglide shield blades. the widened blade gap reduces the chances of whiskering, with the added benefit of increased, in-plane lubrication. youll still find a well-oiled mach3 proglide shield in your pack. plus, the proglide shield blades are currently available at a special discount, at best buy for $21.99, even though theyre retailing for $29.99 at razor direct.

smartshave technology regulates the vibration of the razor so theres less chance of experiencing nicks and cuts. gillette says smartshave technology directly dampens the vibration of the razor across the angle of the blades. smartshave is felt to be a bit louder than the skinguard cartridge, but the feedback seems to be minimal. if you shave with a gillette fusion proshield, smartshave function lets you choose between silent or normal. 3d9ccd7d82


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