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Baadshah 1999 Br Rip 1080p Movies 64

Baadshah 1999 Br Rip 1080p Movies 64 :::

Baadshah 1999 Br Rip 1080p Movies 64

baadshah and his wife take off in their car, leaving the children with his friends. one of the children, however, falls ill, and the detective is forced to stop and ask his wife to get medicine from a nearby pharmacy. the husband and wife have a fight, and baadshah suddenly reverts to the detective persona and retrieves the medicine. as he is about to get back into the car, the baby has a fit and dies. baadshah then returns to the pharmacy, where he buys a large supply of medicine for the baby. baadshah then drives the car with the dead baby, still dressed in his wife's clothes, back to the agency.

once at the agency, baadshah tells seema that he will leave her for good, and that he will take care of the children. she tries to stop him, but he is forced to leave. as he is about to leave, a police officer enters, and wants to know about the story of the dead baby. baadshah tells the officer, in a confessional tone, that he is indeed the detective. he then finds a way to make sure that the detective is taken out of the agency's office, and put in prison. he then tells the officer that he is inspector bhuvanachand.

raj turns out to be a film actor, and is married to seema and a father of two. his wife is none other than madhu, baadshah's ex-fiancée. madhu and baadshah start living together, but soon find that their children are being sent to different locations. baadshah decides to visit his ex-fiancée's parents' house in goa.

when baadshah arrives, madhu's husband, nikhil, is still alive but his son has died in the meantime. before he dies, he reveals that the real reason for his wife's murder was that he was a muslim, and that he had married her to escape the muslims. baadshah finds out that madhu is pregnant. soon after, baadshah travels to goa for a shooting, but returns before his children are kidnapped. madhu has given birth to a daughter, and the family is joyous. 3d9ccd7d82


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