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NITRO NATION 6 V6.3.4 (Mod) [Latest]


the nitro nation tacoma 34s come with the widest tires ever offered on a tacoma. theyre 3.5x16 inner and outer beadlocks measuring 35 inches on a 20 inch rim. theyll fit up front as well as out back, so you can get the most of the wheel. because the tire is wider than most, the speedometer doesnt cover the entire face of the wheel, so youre only greeted by its half-face at first.

nitro nation is one of the main selling point of the game, a professional drag team is ran by janna and clifford. the team is dedicated to being the best, and after winning numerous racing championships, and securing numerous points in nitro nation point championships, nitro nation has a very respected member list. this is also the reason for the game being featured in a long time for the month of october. the reason of this is the beginning of the point championship, where players will compete to earn the most points. once you reach 5th place, you will be able to enter the final championship which will award the winner with the best cars and a custom made nitro nation truck!

nitro nation have designed a suspension mod that incorporates the axle links as adjustable suspension arms. its aiming to enhance the handling of your truck, so its ideal for all levels of performance. this mod works by releasing the coil spring, and allows the axle to be completely free.

not only are the nitro nation dodge ram 35000 trucks and chassis available for purchase, but theyve also included a nitro nitro option to make your truck even more dangerous. the nitro nitro option gives the truck extra nitro power. the nitro nitro option will increase the nitro engines horsepower from 70hp to 250hp. 3d9ccd7d82


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