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iv - then apollo goes to a chocolate shop, and the tradesmen there are all very glad to see him, and they sit down and drink cocoa, and they all call him apollo, and he says he is apollo, and they all say apollo, and he sits down there very stiff and proud, and then he gets up and goes away, and he is apollo, and he says he will not be apollo, and he beats his sides and he makes them laugh. apollo is apollo, but he will not be apollo for a penny, and he beats his sides and he makes them laugh.

this much loved clown, george grimaldi died in 1837, aged 42. he left 4 sons, james, joseph, thomas and henry and 3 daughters, sarah, jane and ellen. of his sons, james became a very successful actor and comedian, and also the father of james grimaldi the great oldham comedian. thomas became a successful actor, and was the father of joseph grimaldi, the father of modern pantomime. henry became a talented actor, but not a clown, and father of thomas grimbald. joseph and james became successful clowns, famous for their work in london and the provinces. joseph grimaldi was also the father of joseph grimaldi the oldham comedian, also called joseph grimaldi the clown, famous for his work in blackpool, in london and throughout the world.

following the death of the great tom, the clown tradition seems to have gone into a state of almost prolonged hibernation. there is no record of any clown being taken on as an apprentice after tom belling, and the coming of the romantic era saw the pantomime go back to its origins as the entertainment of the people. as the rise of stage performers and the down fall of the clown made him a thing of the past, clowns became nothing more than a social indulgence, a harmless joke to provoke giggles rather than a life long occupation. 3d9ccd7d82


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