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Online Soccer Manager Mod Apk


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world right now. We can see so many enjoyable games today that are involved with soccer now. With so many games that we can play today, you can enjoy quite many high-quality soccer games today.

With Online Soccer Manager (OSM), you can have fun managing a real soccer club today. The game allows you to manage a team to choose clubs from Premier League, Primera Division, Serie A, and many other leagues.

There are many soccer clubs that you can enjoy here, complete with real players that you can manage. Here, you can enjoy clubs like Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Juventus, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, FC Bayern Munich, and many more today.

Online Soccer Manager Mod Apk is an excellent game for football fans who want to experience the thrill of managing their team. With over 200 leagues worldwide, you can create and customize your club in an immersive 3D environment with complete control over every management aspect: transfers, tactics training sessions, and more! You also have access to unlimited resources, such as coins & money, which can be used to purchase upgrades or buy new players. Plus, real-time matches are available on mobile devices, too, so you can compete against other managers online. All this combined makes OSM one of the best free-to-play soccer games out there today.

Please carefully read these Terms and Conditions before using OSM. Your access to and use of this game is subject to these Terms (including the Privacy Policy of the game) and all applicable laws. By accessing and using this game, you signify that you agree to these Terms.1. These conditions represent an agreement between you and Gamebasics. By accepting the agreement you agree to follow the rules of OSM, as well as any other ruleset by Gamebasics. This agreement also applies when you purchase our products. If you have a question about the cancellations or refunds of your purchase, you can contact our Helpcenter: -us. If you do not agree to the terms, you should not register as a member at OSM.2. By agreeing to register with the game, you agree to receive occasional promotional emails from Gamebasics. You will be able to unsubscribe from these emails at any time.3. You may not create and/or manage more than one account at OSM. This includes accounts in different leagues.4. You may not babysit accounts of friends or relatives. This includes taking over the account of someone who is quitting the game. Both are unacceptable.5. You are to report all bugs you discover to the administrator, and never to abuse any bugs.6. You may not use inappropriate language on OSM's Forums, Profiles, Chats, emails, league names, team names, crew names or manager names.7. You may not buy and/or sell players for the purposes of artificially giving another manager in your league money, because that makes for unfair competition.8. Collaboration between managers in all leagues is prohibited at OSM. This includes the fixing of matches and the use of the transfers system to give one club an unfair advantage over another. Factors which will be considered such include, but are not be limited to: deliberately poor team line-ups; players deliberately lined up in the wrong positions; managers joining a league and then resigning after a few days with the deliberate intention of colluding with another manager; the specific use of Training Camps to affect or alter Results in order to gain an unfair advantage or to protect another manager. 9. You may not use any external software/script with the purposes of artificially giving you or someone else an advantage over other managers which makes for unfair competition.10. We hold the right to delete or disable your account in case of periods of inactivity.11. We hold the right to keep manager names and email addresses of deleted/disabled/locked accounts on our databases as a protection against cheating.12. OSM is a one season game. This means th


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