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Windows 7 GAMER Edition X86 !FREE! Free Download


when it comes to windows 8.1, you may be aware that this operating system is being offered for personal use, so it will be suitable for small business and home users. it is simply because there are many handy tools that are made available in windows 8.1. the new update also makes use of the os' start screen that is very easy to use.

there are also a lot of security options built into windows 8.1. this operating system works together with bitlocker, which means that you can use any microsoft device such as a tablet or laptop. windows 8.1 also makes use of the windows defender that is built into the os, which enables you to get rid of unwanted malware and viruses while you are playing games and using applications.

when it comes to gaming, you have an enhanced store that is specially made for the windows 8.1 that contains all the games which you need to play. no doubt you can play all your favorite games in full 720p, 1080p and 4k modes in windows 8.1. this is also true because when the os is upgraded to the new windows 8.1 version, it is accompanied by some additional gaming features. while you play your favorite games, you can also use these features like pinning, live tiles and universal search. after that, you can use the settings to customize your notification and sound to suit your liking.

as mentioned earlier, windows 8.1 also works together with windows defender that can help you get rid of unwanted threats and viruses while you play your favorite games. the os is also responsible for protecting your system by installing the windows defender smartscreen technology that blocks malicious websites and apps. 3d9ccd7d82


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