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notes: this guitar was brought in for a complete restoration by amp maker john shifflet. he had a very clean guitar that had been kept out of the weather and away from all dirt. he took off the pickup, which was still in good shape and sent it to the factory for work to be done. a set of new pickups, pots, capacitors and tuners were installed and the guitar was put back together. the guitar also received a new top, back and sides. the case had never been used but was also refinished. the original hard shell case is included with the guitar.

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we will have one final release of the guitar tomorrow and it will be all the things that we have been promised. as a closeout, we will have the guitar in a hard shell case with the rack and the original store box, along with the original hard case. we will also have the original hard case, which is a deep red color, a picture of the guitar on the front of it. it is the same as the one on the back of the case, which is a picture of the guitar on the front of it. the guitar and the hard case are currently in our store. we will also have the original paper that the guitar came on and a picture of that. we will also have the original instruction book for the guitar, which is in very good shape. we will have the original warranty card for the guitar, which has not been altered. we will have the original guitar pick that the guy gave the guitar to. 3d9ccd7d82


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