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Please share this in all your networks, this is from the Veteran we were trying to help last week, this is the 3rd time now that he has reached out for support. After reaching out to a certain mc club which he found on the directory and still hasnt received a reply.

So this is a shout out to anyone local to Alex or any riders (cmon RCT Riders dont let me down on this one) who fancies a free mug of tea, then get in touch with alex. This is what he just sent me and have his permission to share.

Hi all I need help as I'm being threatened by a group of people that live above me, they are making threats, banging on the floor and playing music sometimes till 4am when I need to work, I need some people to come visit and show I'm not alone as they are doing it more and more seeming I'm alone all I need is people to drob by for a cuppa and show I got support. The police and council and MP are investigating at the moment so just need support can anyone help I live in NW London dollis Hill thank you



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