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VirtualHere For Steam Link Full Version Free


virtualhere for steam link is a streaming application that connects to your steam link device and creates a virtual remote display for your mobile devices. for now we support remote play for all your mobile devices running ios or android.

i want to express my gratitude to the various individuals who have helped me over the years, and also for all the many people who have provided feedback on virtualhere as we've been trying to implement the features you all want. i'd like to especially thank those who have written me directly or indirectly, including but not limited to:

i have been working hard the last few weeks to improve the performance of virtualhere on multicore systems. it performs much better than just a few weeks ago. the steamlink is unfortunately only a single core cpu but what i will do is get valve to update virtualhere in the next steamlink beta build. i think it will improve performance anyway as virtualhere now communicates with mutliple usb devices simultaneously whereas before i was single threaded for this function. lookout for the next beta firmware of steamlink

i purchased virtualhere today from steam. after several hours of experimentation i came to the conclusion that force feedback on my logitech g27 was causing major frame dropping with my steamlink in project cars and grid 2. i am on a wired connection (cat6 gigabit capable) and my gaming pc runs both games flawlessly. i do not encounter any stutter when i run the games over steamlink using the steam controller.

i am hoping that you can help me test something i would like to propose to you. if your web browser (internet web page) allows users to send keyboard shortcuts to the browser, then i would like to know if you can send key sequences to virtualhere. i use virtualhere in conjunction with driving games (wii remote, xbox 360 controller, and keyboard), and i am currently finding that i am having to use the mouse cursor keys to navigate around the virtual road. i could use some assistance with my keyboard. 3d9ccd7d82


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