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Your Virtual Snowglobe

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Your Virtual Snow Globe is not currently supported by this browser. Please make sure you have javascript enabled or use a browser that supports virtual reality, and then click below. The experience will work best in Chrome or Safari.

Both CHOC Children's and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation are actively working on COVID-19 prevention and response. Each product is being digitally tested for potential COVID-19 contamination in the U.S. and China, and as needed, as part of an internal process to decide on the best course of action with regards to potential threats. The process includes reviewing international data, in addition to our Canadian data. Both organizations are also working on daily cleaning and disinfecting of facilities, equipment and test kits. Both organizations are continuously making modifications to the process to stay ahead of the virus. All exhibitors and attendees are required to wear a facemask while in the virtual space and are asked to wipe down any surfaces prior to, and after, interacting with the product.

Every day, we get to work with dreamers like you who are on an epic adventure on their own virtual journey. Even though we have experienced a rare snowfall in January, we are proud to present to you our winter wonderland of a virtual snow globe, affectionately called the Nebo School District Snow Globe or Nebo Schoolas if you prefer. It took just over 2 weeks to start from the idea for our live snow globe to it being online to enjoy. We feel like this kind of project is really special because its what weve been wanting to start doing for a long time, especially when we worked on our previous virtual Cloud Adventures. With the love and support of so many people, we are absolutely amazed at what weve been able to do with virtual reality. 3d9ccd7d82


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