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Hope Harper Daddys Monkey Business Part 1 And 2l

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At Hope's shop in You're A Long Way From Home , Molly enjoys Hope's "Sorry For Everything" mug, commenting to Lizzie that Hope is a great witch. Hope insists that she was so scared of going out on her own that she didn't even think she could cast magic that day. She doesn't remember looking it up online. Lizzie jokes that she's so powerful she can find anything on the Internet just by asking. Hope admits that they did help her out last time, going so far as to give her the spell. It's just that she couldn't cast the right words. Lizzie reminds her that the words are optional. They're also encouraging people to believe in themselves and chase their dreams. Hope laughs at this, joking that her dream was to open a metaphysical business. Then again, she had nightmares every time she thought about it. She calls herself lucky that things turned out okay, because the sun isn't even up yet. Lizzie adds that she's happy that she found someone to help her with her dream. She's hoping that with Aurora, she'll find a way to turn the dreams of the people she loves into reality.

Lizzie finds a spell to help Dad, but she has to cast it on a branch of a cherry tree in a secret garden. As the cherry blossoms bloom near her, a wasp attacks her from the tree. She wonders about the coincidence but in a flash of anger, she runs away . However, she's so bent on this, she doesn't realize that she runs onto a train track. One appears out of nowhere and she gets hit. As she lies there, she thinks that maybe Hope is the one who saw her and she asks for her to intervene. She realizes that she's okay, when the lights come on and she finds out that she isn't hurt. A woman approaches her in the station and asks if she's all right. She realizes that she is moving and somehow knows that the woman is an angel. The woman introduces herself as Victoria and she asks her where she goes. She explains that she's part of something called the Evangelion. Lizzie tells her that she gets that from the name. Back in the garden, she's unable to find where she was and remembers a clock that she wasn't able to see before. She gets up and goes there, sees a bird, and sees the clock. She realizes that she was transported to heaven and she's supposed to see the birds there. She follows their calls and runs past the intersection and into the garden. She reaches out to touch a tree and her hand gets cut. Victoria tells her that she has to let go of her power and her healing ability. The angels told her that the only way they can help her is if she gives up her power. Lizzie realizes it and asks if she's okay. She looks down and realizes that she's bleeding. She asks if her hands are back. When she looks at them, she sees the hands of a doctor. She realizes that the angel is Victoria and she's behind her. She asks who she is and Victoria explains that she's Aurora. She helped Lizzie, but she has to do this. She can't make her live without magic and she's not sure what to do. Lizzie looks at her hands and the wound closes. She thanks the doctor and offers her the tree. Lizzie laughs and turns to Victoria with a smirk. At the end of the episode, Lizzie returns to the Astronomical Observatory where the Angels are waiting for her and she says that she's going to live on her own terms now. 3d9ccd7d82


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