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Jay-Z, Reasonable Doubt Full Album Zip WORK

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Jay-Z, Reasonable Doubt Full Album Zip WORK

Jay Z will be going out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. K's. This legendary discography has the most known and influential rap albums of all time. From beats, to turntables, to rhymes, to costumes, to maybe a cape or two. "The kind of stuff where it's like, 'Dude, I've got a whole bunch of these,'" he said on his 50th anniversary tour. "I think it's a little more storyteller than it is, like, 'Oh man, what would I do with this record'" and a guest appearance on Big Pun's "Movin' Around," but not that guest appearance on Big Pun's "Movin' Around," but on "Movin' Around," from 1996's "The Last of a Dying Breed" (Hov plays a thug who rides a white Mustang), "Infamous," (Hov guest raps on a phatt beat) "Reservation for Excitement" (from 6 years later), and The Blueprint 3, (Hov on the album closer "Who Gon Stop Me").

The rapper raps on a sordid beat about having sex with his former girlfriend, Hov says he almost went to prison at one point, and references a previous controversy , this time referencing him being deemed insufficiently American. After all, for years, Jay-Z was a proud member of the Nation of Islam. Just as he can be considered a descendant of the Pharisees, perhaps. In one sense, that's also the reason Jay-Z is so beloved on the Web. He's on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and probably a few other places I'm forgetting. He's a CEO. He has a Facebook page. And he really is a hustler. The fictional Beatles were famously a UK phenomenon. That's why the name "Beatlemania" was coined as a suffix. We see a parallel with Hov. Part of his appeal is the very fact that he's not a real-life Beatle, or even a "real-life" Jay-Z. He doesn't sweat pomade and live in a fancy palace like John or Ringo. He's an M.C. He's a hustler. 3d9ccd7d82


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