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microsoft office 365 is a subscription service that enables access to the latest microsoft productivity applications, such as microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, onenote, and outlook. office 365 combines three services into one solution and includes e-mail (gmail or exchange), documents, and apps for a mobile workforce and the internet.

go to office 365 settings and select your subscription. you can change or view your account settings from here. advanced features: add products to a commercial license for a yearly subscription. change a home subscriber to a business subscriber. we hope you learn a lot from the steps we provided for you to activate office 2016 on windows 8.1 in this article.q: synchronizing multiple thread using semaphore in java i have multiple threads that i spawn in a loop. each thread has a specific method that performs some lengthy calculations. the calculations may overlap due to random numbers. i want a single thread to stop all threads in which it iterates through and perform calculations. i am using a semaphore for(i = 0; i < n; i++) thread thread = new thread(somemethod); thread.start(); thread.join(); the method run() has to be called only once. every thread must be waited to start until the previous one finishes. how can i make this possible a: a semaphore is only useful to synchronize access to a mutex. if you want to only run one method in a thread, then a thread is not the right tool. a single method is not thread safe. if the calculation is deterministic, you can just put the calculations in the body of the thread and do not have to synchronize anything. according to the university of pennsylvania's only ranking of eucalyptus research, santa ana university and its chile-based developer, qv, are coming in strong. the rankings are the result of the first-ever study of eucalyptus science and technology, said pablo briceño-tomás, director of the university's center for research in renewable natural resources and the environment and one of the report's authors. the report, published this week in forest ecology and management, ranks universities and institutions "based on their scientific publications using the eucalyptus as a research topic." the authors found that 94 percent of the literature done on eucalyptus has been at the santa ana or qv research centers. an example cited in the report is the discovery of a drought-resistant eucalyptus tree in chile that can grow in saline soils. after analyzing the information, briceño-tomás concluded that santa ana's water laboratory was a major part of the report's ranking. "i would say it's the most important institution in eucalyptus science and technology," he said. "qv cannot even make any decision about the research they are doing." briceño-tomás said that while santa ana's labs were important to the report, it was qv's research that set them apart. "i tried to put qv into the calculation because i think they should be given credit," he said. 3d9ccd7d82


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