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ozeki voip sip sdk is an excellent software development kit that allows you to establish voip calls from your application quickly and easily. using the ozeki voip sip, developers can create a wide range of extraordinary voip solutions (such as pbx, call center, softphone, webphone, ivr, or audio and video conferencing for mobile devices). you dont need expert programming skills, with the most basic programming skills you can create telecommunications solutions. after downloading, simply integrate ozeki voip sip sdk into your application and you are ready to increase its functionality and make voip calls immediately.

new feature (camera / browser camera supprot): browser camera support was developed to support html5 access to the camera improvement (camera / mjpeg streaming): the mjpeg streaming capabilities has been improved greatly. now it allows switching resolution during streaming, and the resource usage is reduced. improvement (voip / relayed calls): voice calls work well even if all parties are behind firewalls. now the caller, the callee, and the pbx can operate behind nat using private ip addresses. in the previous versions the relay calls did not work reliably if all parties were behind firewalls, because some sip clients (e.g. bria softphone on android) were not able to provide appropriate ip address information. this situation is no fixed, the pbx can determines its own public ip using stun, or this address can be entered manually on the config form, and the pbx can determine the ip addresses of the sip clients if neccessary using the source adddress of the incoming packets instead of the often unreliable information provided in the sdp data. improvement (alphanumeric sip addressing): the pbx can operate using alphanumeric addresses instead of simply numbers. you can setup extensions using phone number and/or names if you develop a pbx improvement (alphanumeric sip dial plans): if you build a voip pbx, you may setup call routing using alphanumeric addressing. bug fixes: several bugs have been fixed, the list would be long to detail 3d9ccd7d82


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