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as i became more mature, i played newer games like duke nukem. quake was also a popular game, but my favorite games were mario and super mario. i still have my old nintendo system, and i play games on it as well as my new xbox. i also play on my phone and tablet.

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popular android and ios game pubg is coming to the ouya. on march 10, the mobile game will be available on the console, which originally launched in 2014. it will be the first time it's available on a ouya. when the console launched in 2014, it could only run games made for android.

the logo of amazon's new video game streaming service is displayed on a screen on may 31, 2018 in new york. amazon is planning a new video game streaming service to compete with youtube's twitch, facebook's new oculus venues and sony's playstation now, according to a new report.

a study of the effect of the geometry of the crack tip on the stress field and creep zone has been conducted. it is found that the dimensionless stress scale of the modified boundary layer (mbl) model may be related to the crack tip fields, and crack tip scale factors are proposed to refine the characterization of the modified boundary layer. the effects of the negative and positive t-stress on creep zone and constraint effect on the crack tip field are studied for mode i crack in both power-law creeping solids and elastoplastic materials. the constraint parameter q is given for both small-scale creep and large-scale creep with various t-stresses for the modified boundary layer (mbl) model and various specimens with different crack depths. the applicability and the limitation of the mbl model for creep crack are also discussed. the inherent connection between t-stress and q-parameter is discussed. the investigations given in this paper can further promote the understanding of t-stress effect and constraint effect on the mode i creep crack. 3d9ccd7d82


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