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Thats not the kind of behavior that should be rewarded. If you want to feel good about it, start by taking a look at your own attitude toward sex. If youre not satisfied with your present position, seek to get in touch with our Association at once. The British have very little understanding of the Europeans, and even less of those in our colonies. Even if you are prepared to discuss the matter civilly, it will hardly help you to be in the wrong. But when you are armed, you will find that you can encounter more opposition than you ever dreamed of. As soon as there is light and air, the rocks will blossom, and when the seeds have found a fit place, the plants will spread in the light, in the air and in the dark.

I only get on my high horse and start swinging the sword when we get the Ackshually, all so-called Christian festivals are ripped off from Real True Authentic Pagan Traditions type of looking down the nose about how the newly-fledged Wiccan is so much more authentic and genuine and chronologically superior in their ceremonies, especially when the persons celebrating Samhain (a) couldnt pronounce it in the authentic native pronunciation to save their lives (b) have no awareness of how authentic natives celebrated it and (c) completely confuse various traditions and have no idea of the history of the Church feast of All Saints and All Souls Days (so Americans tend to only think in terms of Da de los Muertes and assume that it was culturally appropriated from authentic natives, and have no idea of how the influence worked both ways and that the original celebration moved to the Christian feast day and was heavily incorporated into it, and heavily incorporated the Christian tradition into itself). 3d9ccd7d82


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