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Bring In The Clowns

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Bring In The Clowns

not since the glory days of harold gray (1907-1957), the man who brought the little blue engine to children throughout america with his little engine that could series, has there been such a striking and numerous series of air-headed characters, nor such established images as the four leggy metallic klowns from outer space princesses, whose heads have all sprouted antennae. i'm so entranced by these characters, each so sublimely deranged, that i can't help but liken them to the klowns from outer space. they're so devoid of intelligence, yet so clearly innocent of their own stupidity, yet at the same time they are so inscrutable, that they must be related to the aliens from that movie.

everything now is 'flavored' in some way, but the sweet and savory brain freeze did become a little passé. there are more cocktail names than real ones that have been created . if it's not 100% raw, 100% natural, with no artificial ingredients or flavorings, it's probably flavoring. it's the line in the sand we're now crossing. the new now.

today i live in a place that is decidedly unique. we don't have any snow, but we have a constant clammy, dreary wet-cold-rainy air. and the more the weather changes, the more work i have to do. i'm used to it. i missed most of the snow and ice, so thats ok. i'd rather be workin' at it. have you ever noticed how many dying people there are dying of old age and cancer and suicide statistically, it has to be rare you're born a cancer. statistically, it is impossible you haven't been born a cancer. you can save your life, as i'm pretty sure i have. and as i'm pretty sure most everyone else does. but dying no one escapes that eventuality. well, i had a patient a few years ago, whose mother was dead. she didn't know, so when her hospice nurse called one day and said, "you have a call from your mom." i said, "she's dead." she said, "oh, your mother is on the phone." and i said, "your mother is dead." and she said, "oh, no, your mom is calling." and the nurse listened in. and i said, "your mom died in a car accident." and he said, "well, your mom is in the hospital." and i said, "oh, your mother is in the hospital." and he said, "well, when can i see you" and i said, "what hospital" so i put her on. and i said, "hi, mom. it's dr. monk. how are you" 3d9ccd7d82


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