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[P3DP3Dv4] ORBX Innsbruck V2.01 Rip Missing Files Full Version __LINK__


[P3DP3Dv4] ORBX Innsbruck V2.01 Rip Missing Files Full Version __LINK__

All this means its time to take a look at the first wave of airport products from ORBX. The first piece of scenery from the company is a simple 2-dimensional rendition of the remote airport of Innsbruck in Austria. However, with some additional content and tweaks, this airport should fit right into the typical scenery of Microsoft Flight Simulators scenery upon release. The airport is quite basic on its own, featuring a single passenger terminal, and a small runway, but ORBX has added a few things that should make it special. OrbX has added a glider flight path that uses the rolling hills of Austria, and added a few scheduled passenger flights to the airport. It seems to be aiming at those of us who crave a Rovio -style location.

The first set of airports in the ORBX collection is pretty small. There are only eight of them, and they are available for PC and iPad. Two of these are for airports and they are the traditional styles and airport terminal stations. The others are for airfields, and include airfield signs as well as buildings and vehicles. They are mostly 2-dimensional, but there are some 3-dimensional pieces that are quite beautiful and they are given a little more substance thanks to some use of a smooth surface, and some may look a little odd at first glance, but in time, you will adjust to them. Some additional aircraft to help breathe a little more life into these airfields include a few additional jets, plus a few helicopters. The graphics are smooth and the planes look quite real without looking fake at all. The airport, especially, looks very good, although it still needs some work, as it is too unrealistic for some flying enthusiasts. Its still a very good collection, with plenty to see, as each of the eight is unique. 3d9ccd7d82


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