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In Xenoverse 2, in 2015, Mr. Satan was shown on a roof overlooking the Battle Dome on Planet Vegeta. [3] According to the Xenoverse 2 commentary, he has been recently made more powerful in order for the player to be able to take him down fast and so it becomes a much more enjoyable match.

According to his profile in the game, Mr. Satan's skin is now 10% HP and 10% Defense. [4] However, this is more because of his self-destruct mechanism (normally, he loses the same amount of HP and Defense regardless of whether or not he is destroyed).

Most of the references to Mr. Satan having died in Xenoverse 2 are present in the English version. [12] Frieza's Guard Troops are still lead by Frieza's Guard General, Sorbet, and the planet of Zamasu's Domain is still under control of its protector, Khayat. [1] Mr. Satan seems to have been brought back to life in some fashion, only to be wiped out immediately by a giant bomb. It is presumed that he survived and somehow became the Pirate King.

Mr. Satan is a free character in the Android 16 card game, in case anyone wanted to play him. You can also use the \"Gym Games\" feature. The battle system here is different. You go around with a disc that you use to fight, and you can choose between using the Super Dragon Ball, Dragon Balls, Ki, Stamina or Fighting attacks. Both the player and android are placed in the octagonal ring. You can use attacks by tapping the attack button and then holding the button until the opponent's ring is within the attack radius. 3d9ccd7d82


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