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New Loader Eromupgrade 3329 D

New Loader Eromupgrade 3329 D :::

New Loader Eromupgrade 3329 D

i was able to get it to work by using this link & in the end i had to use the windows loader tool as the serial port wasn't responding to the serial port monitor i'm using windows 8.1 and i had downloaded the erom upgrade tool the same way u did and was getting an error when i tried to run it and i think it was due to the serial port. so i downloaded the windows loader tool and then that worked and i was able to get it to upgrade my erom from 11 to 15. i can send u the save file if u like if i can remember how to do that

i got this message in the end of the process when i turned on the tv i connected my pc to the tv and it went to the loader and i had the message "not compatible with this system" for whatever reason it said that it would reboot the tv into the boot menu if i did not accept the message and cancel i did and it had a brp and i selected the first option and it booted up fine,in the end it said "new load for firmware update" or something like that and then it said "new load for firmware upgrade" and i selected that and it went on to the next stage and i was able to get to the next stage it booted fine and i had it connect to the tv and it booted fine.i have done this and it has worked 3 times on 3 different tv's now,i don't know why it wont work now but its fine now i have another one to try.if u have had this problem let me know if you have any ideas.

i'm not sure if the faults with the lnb hi guys i have be given 1 of these openbox s11 from a friend which seem to be dead i have downloaded the upgrade pvr 800 in the first link but all it gives me is a bin file could you please advise i have just tested that link again & it's working fine. it should download file which unpacks to a folder within a folder containing eromclient.abs, eromupgrade.exe, flashburn.ini, lzma.exe, sdram.ini. if you are using internet explorer as your browser, try using firefox. ie has a known problem with corrupting some compressed files. 3d9ccd7d82


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