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Veterans are like dogs, civilians are like cats. Dogs like to live in a pack. Their whole life is group-orientated. If they find themselves outside of a pack then they get depressed and will seek a pack to join. They will hunt in packs, socialise in packs and breed and look after their young in a pack. When we left the military, we left our pack and joined the life of cats. Cats are solitary animals. They will come to you to see what they can get off you, and when you have nothing more to offer, they will leave you. They may let you amuse them for a while but when they have had enough they will scratch you. A cat is only concerned with its own wellbeing. Before social media, the suicide rate for veterans used to jump at the 10-year point. This was when you were so far away from your pack that you were overcome with depression. Reunions brings you back into the pack, as do the Breakfast Clubs. There is a come-down after the reunion when you will become depressed after finding yourself surrounded by self-serving cats again. Seek out your nearest Veteran’s Breakfast club or Veteran’s charity and immerse yourself back in the pack, even it is only for the morning. Don't forget to sign up for our free App and join us on the VETNET. Just in case you havnt realised it's our birthday today. THE CORPS NIL SINE LABORE

Steve Scudder
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