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Latest Update and open offer.

We now have the #VETNET North West Region completed from our side with the foundations set in place for each County. Andrew Powell from Healthier Heroes CIC has already stepped forward to act as our first contact point for Lancashire and after having a good chat yesterday with Trafford Veterans CIC I'm hoping they will act as our Contact for Manchester, that leaves 3 spaces available.

SO HERES OUR OFFER, if you or an organisation wishes to act as our go to organisation for that County please get in touch via the website or direct to my Email, which I'll post below with links. This will not cost you any money, nor will it mean jumping ship, working with any organisations you don't want to or stop what you're already doing, all we ask is that you let other veterans and us know where and what you do and to act as our go to organisation, a short of beacon just in case anyone sees something on social media and doesn't know where or who to go to.

We are not just a #referral and signposting #directory like a lot of the Better known ones out there and are often mentioned in comments you see on social media. What we are is a fully interactive #networking platform which includes #messenger, #secret, #private and #public groups which can all be used via our #app, the #VETNET Directory and also the interactive Map where you can find the links straight away by the click of a button, already used by Veteran , charities and CICs we are currently working with and members. Help us as a community to build up each counties network together, no egos or anyone in charge just a simple neutral platform that anyone has access to when help is needed. The latest update from Veterans United Against Suicide this afternoon is 4 losses already this year, 1 a week, so let's bin the egos, the glory hunting and all the in house fighting and start working as a community and put a stop to any more updates from VUAS, RIP.

This offer is open to every County and State as we are now working on the #VETNET USA, with Hawaii next on the list, so if you would like to be part of the #VETNET and part of the solution to ending these figures within the whole Veteran Community, no matter which Country then get in touch and make the change.

Gaz. Stay safe.

Derek Davies
Steve Scudder
Temi Pene
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