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Hi all

As most of you are aware and as some of you are already on the Associates page we are now making this official.

A vital part of the VETNET is the CSCSA and as this is one of the things missing to make it a success and change the way we work together as a community so we have decided to extend an official invite to be a part of this.

If you haven’t read about it yet and what we are trying to achieve please have a read on the following link

If this is something you or any of your associates would like to be a part of please feel free to forward the post on and get back in touch.

We have an info pack and official Documents waiting to send out for those of you who want to see a difference in the way we work together as a community and make the change and not on FB.

For those of you who take up the offer this also comes with an invitation to take part in our first Veterans Shield Challenge which will be a joint fund raising event held on a yearly basis.

I hope this is something that you consider and look forward to your replies.

Gary MacMillan

CEO and Founder

Families4Veterans-Directory CIC (Home of the VETNET)

Mobile 07555051024

Sandra Peters
Temi Pene
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