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As you can now see I've updated the 24 hour page and made it more accessible. After numerous posts tagging various people on facebook with absolutely no responses back I've now added one of the better posters, one that doesnt list CS, just to make them aware of it and how easy and simple it is too find any help you need at a click of a button. No egos on who gets the Glory, it's about getting the help you need in the shortest time and by working as a team sharing each others contacts and resources. If you dont want to work with a certain group that's fine as there will always be someone in your own network that knows someone who knows someone and by using our neutral platform this has now been made possible. If you know of any others that can be personally recommended that are not on any of our lists then let us know and we can simply add them without having to remake posters and share all over again. Everything updated so that a veteran gets the quickest help needed by organisations that a actually in the same COUNTY and not the same COUNTRY. If you've used any of the services listed on the directory then leave a comment that will help others that are looking for help, if they dont help then likewise leave a comment so long as you can back the comment up and we will move them to the bottom of the list. That you will always see the top 5 rated. We still keep seeing posts about we need to come together and yet when something is offered its completely blanked, is it because it's not your idea or is it because you dont really want to help the veteran community.

Jennifer Taylor
Taff Treb
Fred Baker
Fred Baker
Mar 22, 2022

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