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Sadly as we havnt got the option of polls on here but I'll set one up on the fb group. With nearly 700 members on here we should be able to get this done in no time. Using our Map and the VETNET which counties do you think are lacking help and support and are there any support groups that cover this that we dont know about? I know lots of places in the UK where lack of support is not there and where veterans still dont know where to go for help, so help us to help them and stop more unnecessary loss of lives. So If you belong to any of the above mentioned then let us know so that we can make Veterans aware who to contact, all support listed under one roof, no egos, just a simple interactive platform for all to use and share important information that everyone can see.

Liz Harries
Jennifer Taylor
Oct 03, 2020

Great idea, be a nice change instead of seeing my ugly mug all the time.

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