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Hi all, hope everyone's OK but thought I would give you all the latest update.

With this latest figure nearing completion it was sugested by one of our members that instead of holding an auction as they are quite pricy when finished, that we do them as a raffle which gives you all an equal chance to win the ones you like.

I've now added all completed figures to the shop as a one off purchase if you have the money and also added a new page to the top menu, "Auction Page".

When you click on the picture that interests you it will take you to the ticket event where you can have a chance of owning one of these pieces once all tickets have been sold.

These are limited by ticket sales and once sold will be drawn via a live feed event.

Here's the link for those that would like a chance to own one.

If you don't see what you're after then send me a pm as I also do commission work.

Thanks for reading and good luck

Sandra Peters
Claire Johnson
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