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Ok i have been trying to start up a aerial and satellite business in the widnes area, also doing wifi access points and cctv, the question i am currently facing is, is it worth doing or am i just going to fail as i keep getting knocked down with everything i try and do?

Well the one main thing is i am finding it hard to get finding i only need a small amount of funds but cant even get that right now. Is there anyone out there who could give me advice or am i just trying to sell a dead horse.

My personal aim is to make a good company where i can train good honest staff and get rid of some of these cowboys who give us engineers a bad name, also i want to give 10% of my personal wage to veteran housing charities In and around my local area. I am willing to do hobs up to an hour away from my house and i do have someone who is willing to work with me as he is a electrician and that will make doing commercial projects easier to do as then i dont have to wait for onsite sparkys to do a power point for the equipment.

So what do you guys think amd i selling a dead horse or is it worth it #satellite #wifi #cctv #business #aerial #startup # #engineers #housing

Oct 03, 2020

@Peter Lanigan

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