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Update from "leave no man behind" Just an update and a Thankyou to Tom who posted about the homeless navy gent. Firstly a Thankyou because you never know the ripple effect that it caused because of your post. It was posted on the Oakham armed forces veterans breakfast page and the response was amazing Today my hubby found him, fed him and had a chat. He really is unsure of who to turn to and he had spoken to a well known charity a few weeks back but of yet was waiting for a response. From what we ascertain he is sleeping on a boat but that is third hand information and obviously if he can’t charge his phone then no electric has he has a phone Someone else from another page offered him a room and a possible job. I messaged the Peterborough Armed Forces Champion today and within a few hours he was down in Peterborough looking for him. As well as councillors from Oakham working behind the scenes. The gent has now gone from the spot as it was raining but rest assured tomorrow he will be out and tomorrow so will those people willing to help today and tomorrow he will be looked after and that is the power of just that one post and a load of veterans and serving who really only ever think of each and everyone as family

Stephen Ratcliffe (Ratty)
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