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Just a quick update If any of you are wondering why we have a free and a paid membership option this is why. I received a phone call today from the Outpost Charity who have been helping a Veteran and his family over the last couple of weeks but were running low on funds and needed some help with getting his rent and council tax paid due to him losing his job over Covid 19. Due to the few members who have chosen the £5 a month membership fee we have slowly managed to build up a some of £160, we do not collect any money for ourselves and I personally pay for the upkeep of the directory out of my own pocket. Within 10 minutes of recieving the call I transferred £100 out of the account straight into theirs. No red tape and can only be achieved by working with like minded organisations that are willing to each chip in. If you've not read the CSCSA post on the directory which can be found underneath. I suggest you have a read. There is no I in Team, so if you can afford to part with £5 a month please do. The more we have in the Account the more you each can help. Time to start saving again. Thanks Gaz and Team.

Craig Waters
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