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Buzzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was going to wait untill tomorrow to announce this on Veterans Voices but its been such a great week of meetings about Operation Code Red and the Veteran Emergency cards and what a way to end the week. We finished he meeting about an hour ago and we can now confirm that the Samaritans Veterans are now 100% behind Op Code Red and some big things planned for the near future. i also had a message this morning that Yorkshire Police have also added the Vetnet to their recommended internal support network, also a meeting is planned with Greater Manchester Police to see how we can both help each get support to Veterans the quickest way. On Monday I also have a follow up meeting with Save a Warrior UK and hopefully some exciting news that will not only boost Op code red but allow even more support for Veterans and families. If there are any Veteran support networks or individuals that want to get involved and help then just drop us a line or get in touch with me direct. cheers and have a safe weekend all Gaz

Craig Waters
Yvonne Ward
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