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A civilian asked his veteran friend "Why did you call that stranger a brother when you don't even know who he is?" Fair question...Here was his reply. "See that uniform he is wearing? He serves in the Armed Forces. That, in itself, makes us brothers. Don't care where he is from, what colour he is, who he voted for, or even who he prays too. He is still my brother because he chose to put himself second, and his country first. For all I know, he has walked where I have walked, left sweat where I left sweat, and left drops of blood, where I did too. And that too, makes us brothers. From the time he swore his Oath of allegiance, and signed on the dotted line until time no longer exists, he will forever be my brother. Same with the women that served. They will forever be my sisters. They have my back, and I have theirs." The civilian friend stated, "wow, I never looked at it or even thought about it like that. That's awesome."

"Does every Vet feel like you do?"

"Yes, they do...We are family, first and foremost. Forever Family..."

Thank you all for being part of the F4V family, and being there for your brothers and sisters when they needed you.

With a new strong team in place now, it’s going to be an exciting start to the year ahead with a dedicated Crisis team and 24-hour phone line, this should be going live at the end of January, thank you Louise for getting this off the ground.

We also have a new team leader taking over our Homeless support team, thank you Kyle, his job will be a liaison between all the organisations and build up a veteran network of support and I’m sure when he’s ready he will make an announcement.

I would also like to welcome Shonagh back onto the team and she will hopefully have some exciting news for us reference N. Ireland when the time is right.

Lastly cheers Craig it’s been a tough year for us both but proud to call you a brother.

For the rest of the team that has made this year a huge turning point I personally thank you all.

For all the small organisations, especially Services Outreach Support CIC who are now our dedicated Outreach team and for all the others that have joined us in the past year and proved that the #VETNET works, with no egos or glory hunting, just simple networking and making sure the help gets there as fast as possible and here’s to all the new ones in next year, thank you again.


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