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See it didn't go very well today in london and Newcastle but respect to all the Veterans and supporters that went down there. Shame SOME of the Dfla had to prove the media right by showing them as right wing thugs and at the same time tarnishing us with the same brush. In my opinion as veterans we should never have gone down there, especially as the cenotaph had been boarded up and had a strong police attendance. I'm as passionate as the next Veteran when it comes to making a stand for what we believe in but theres a place and a time and will only work by combining forces and sharing the same information so that everyone is singing off the same song sheet. Have one central message board that every Armed forces, veterans, their families and all those that support us can see without it getting deleted. If all those involved today had used this platform then I personally believe it could have gone a lot better. One group for all the live feeds so they can share witin their own networks, one secret group for all the admins involved to instantly post any updates and could then be shared as an announcement on the VetNet as soon as it happens. I've been seeing posts from just over an hour ago asking if anyone has videos from today and so many different news updates some up to an hour after I'd seen the post on another group. The more people like yourselves that are reading this and start to join, see how effective and simple this platform works when fully up and running the more help we can provide to those that need it most and within 1 hour no matter where you are or prove me wrong. The best thing is we are not asking you to leave Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platforms that you are on, all we are asking is you give this a try as a central message board for the whole community, if you like it that's a bonus and if you dont that's fine too. Either way you would still get the same updates at the same time as everyone else, shared from those that decided to stay. So basically a win win situation.

Jennifer Taylor
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