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As promised before, any important announcements you get to see them here first. So the great news that our ambassador Cain Leathem from GB Fitness has just offered to our paid members as a thankyou is all explained in the video so please watch after reading the boring bits. On to our paid members a massive thankyou for your help this weekend and we cannot do this without you. Well this is what happened to your £5 a month membership fee. We received 2 cases asking for help on Friday both needing financial support, one of the veterans approached us and the other came from Gary Stockton from Phoenix heroes cic, who have recently joined the CSCSA, Combined Services Charity Sheild Association. Anyway with us recently donating £100 to Outpost Charity we didn't have enough ourselves to help both between us. After contacting some contacts I knew from the VETNET the guy in milton Keynes is recieving some support and is keeping me updated on his progress. The ex para who Phoenix heroes were dealing with had similar circumstances but with one of our members paying for a year upfront and a small private donation from a member of SOS we managed to send Phoenix heroes £100 which will pay for the things needed and so not leave them short. Sadly this leaves us short and one of the reasons I'm writing this post as I hate asking, if you could afford a spare £5 a month which all goes to helping another veteran or cause then please do, if you cant afford £5 then please just spread awareness of what we are trying to achieve here on the VETNET and how its helping the Armed forces and veteran community. Most of all we are in need of some fundraisers.

Jennifer Taylor
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