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For any Veterans and supporters that live in Hull, please share. I've just updated the page with some new links. If you are in any of these groups or know friends that are can you make them all aware of this, if nobody knows about it how is it going to work? So share away. The more that join from your own immediate circle the quicker you can build up your own network with reliable help and support groups, ones that work and ones that dont, all rated by veterans that have used the services first hand and not on hear say because they are a well known name. My personal thoughts on the RBL and SSAFA is that some counties bend over backwards and others dont want to know or make it too difficult and that's from first hand experience. Heres the link, have a play around with it and let me know if anythings missing. This can be and is already starting to fill up counties from volunteers.

Peter Lanigan
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