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Well what a shit day today was, I came so close to jacking everything in today but thanks to a few I'm still here. I copied the latest blog post onto the fb page and tagged some of the big names out there such as gary weaving dean n claire, jeff Williams to name a few, well guess what not a single one of them have been in touch. On the other hand a few smaller organisations have been in touch and I've added one already to the cambridge network, welcome aboard Andrew from Echo company cic, also stephen kingdom from hull support center has been in touch and will be calling him tomorrow along with Temi Penne who also wants to know more. So maybe that's the way to go by inviting all the small CICs if the others think they can do it alone on fb? I'm going to have a break for a couple of days and will be looking at adding some moderators on the app to help out as it's getting to much for me to run on my own. Thanks for all your support and showing me that some things are worth fighting for. Take care Gaz

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