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I am sat here after waking feom my horror dream again

and I was thinking of something my child told me after his tour in Iraq

he seemed disturbed by it when he returned he went out on the lash as all jocks do I know

but when I told him son you know you can talk to me about anything

he looked at me bewildered and said mum I know you mean well but no one and I mean no one can ever understand this apart from the lads who were there with me

it makes me wonder if surely some kind of buddy teama could be introduced into the system where by the lads leaving have others who left or are leaving can be there to help them we settle back in the communities again

I mean you troops are what I call institutionalised within a family to that way of life and survival so viva street can have adverse reactions and I have seen it first hand

maybe people can give me feed back on this matter do you feel had you had a buddy network when u left would or could it have helped eased the transition from army to viva street again

let me know your thoughts on this please

Jennifer Taylor
Janette Binnie
Janette Binnie
Oct 04, 2020

Totally agree with you Zoe broken is not the word for it sweetheart xxx

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